WE-stim (Wearable Electric Stimulation)
The technology gives life to cells by daily movement

Without any external mechanical devices, it generates a microelectric field using human motion as an energy source, continuously activating the target area.

This leads to increased energy, endurance, strength, recovery, and rejuvenation.

Energy Harvesting

WE-STIM™ utilizes energy wasted in our daily life without any device or device. Human movement, contact with objects, and surrounding electrical energy are all used as our energy source.

Micro-electrical stimulation

A local micro-electric alternating potential can be generated on the WE-STIM™ applied area. This will precisely target and stimulate the specific area.

Promoting cell activation.

WE-STIM™ provides continuous therapeutic effects on various disease conditions in daily life optimized for user friendly convenience.

WE-STIM™ solution can be implemented in any form including fibers, gels, and patches.
This solution can be applied anywhere requiring healing and provides therapeutic effects by activating cells.

Key Benefits

No Device

It is device free product that can be used in daily life without carrying heavy or uncomfortable device system

No Battery

Continuous micro-electric stimulation anytime, anywhere without charging

No Side Effects

Generates effective and harmless micro-electric stimulation at physiological levels using fine alternating current

No Limitations

This enables an innovative application of our technology to various fields
Possessing its own patent map

We secured original and improvement patents for application based on cell stimulation technology


Korea, U.S. Registration


Korea application


Overseas application

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